Range Overview

  • We have a five stand trap range, up to 50 yards
  • We have an archery target and 3D Animal range, up to 50 yards
  • We have a rifle range, up to 100 yards
  • We have two pistol ranges, 5 and 20 yards
  • We have a shotgun patterning board
Range Hours
* Firearms ranges are open Monday through Saturday from 10am to sunset (NO SUNDAY SHOOTING)
* Archery ranges are open Sunday through Saturday from 9am to sunset

Range Rules
* Safety First!!! Always, Always, Always
* Use the designated locations when discharging
your weapons – shooting sheds on the rifle/pistol
range, stanchions on the shotgun range. Never
shoot towards the road or at anything other than
the established targets and/or backstops.
* Use only lead birdshot on the Pattern Board
* No rifles on either of the pistol shooting lanes.
* Do not hang targets on the steel plates or the
structures supporting them.
* No short shooting, only at the backstops provided
* Latch the gate when you are on the range. Lock it
if you are the last to leave.
* Please clean up after yourselves. If you see litter
and brass left by others, take a few minutes and
discard it. Please do not waste valuable and
scarce work-party volunteers’ time policing brass
and picking up litter. Containers and a dumpster
are provided.
* Anything accidentally left behind by a fellow
member should be brought to the monthly
membership meeting. Or call an officer or
trustee. Please be a trustworthy contributor.
* If you have any questions or find a deficiency,
please contact your 2020 Range Marshals Mike
Beckwith or Roger Maynard.