Frequently Asked Questions

If I am under 21 do I need a parents consent to join?
No. But you must be 18.

Do I need a Sponsor to join?
Yes. See club rules

Do I need to attend all meetings?
No. Only if you become an officer or trustee in the club then there are meeting obligations.

Is the club for men only?
No. The club welcomes all men and woman to join.

Do I need a hunters safety certificate to join?
Yes. The club offers one or two courses a year.

How much land does the club have to hunt?
We have 147 individual farms.

What regular functions does the club hold?

  • 50/50 monthly raffle
  • Monthly gun raffle
  • Monthly small prize raffle
  • A (mandatory) 10-gun raffle once a year
  • A wild game dinner once a year.
  • A prize raffle at the November meeting that is drawn from all the small prize raffle’s losing tickets of the past year.
  • Occasional seminars on hunting fishing shooting laws from the D.N.R.


Does the club have a gun range?
Yes. Shot gun, rifle, pistol and bow.

When is the range open?
The range is open Monday through Saturday 10:am to 6:pm.

May I bring a guest to the range?
No. Only club members and their immediate family.

May I use the range area to hold a family picnic or party?
Yes. But only on Sunday and with no shooting. This may change in the future.